Thursday, March 14, 2013

Prepping for loss of Google Reader and iGoogle

I used both Google Reader and set up a whole page with iGoogle (my page was functional, not particularly attractive) which was of great use when moving across the country and switching jobs.  iGoogle made it very easy to keep my calendar and common links etc. available on any browser, and with the addition of some widgets (like maps, bookmarks and Google Reader) allowed me to stay in touch.

Not sure what online reader I'll use, but have set up an account with NetVibes (, which allows me to replace iGoogle.

Similar to iGoogle, NetVibes creates a skeleton page, and allows you to drop widgets onto that page.  I was immediately able to pull in some RSS feeds, link to my Gmail account and set up a few pictures and apps (calendar and maps).  I also was able to set up additional tabbed pages, one of which I linked to my set of online storage applications, one for links to social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN), and one I'm setting up for news.  Right now, I've set up several RSS widgets to capture individual news sources, but will eventually re-organize and set up a multi-service reader option.

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