Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Received BB10 from work

Changed cell providers at work, so ended up upgrading phones as well.

Had choice of Samsung Galaxy, iPhone 5 and BB10.

Online research really didn't show much difference between the products - all had significant pros, not much in the way of cons for any of them.

My decision factors:

  • iPhone - I really like the iPad I have (also from work), and the various iPods I've purchased for self and family.  However, I'm not really willing to "drink the Apple kool-aid".  I don't like some smaller aspects of the Apple line that seem to indicate the stubborn side, not the innovative side of the company.
    • don't like not having flash support - some websites are thus unavailable on iPhones/iPads - irritating.
    • don't like iTunes.  Not bad for organizing music, though it seems to be resource hog, and has an irritating problem in Window 7, as it opens on attach for any one of the users, meaning that the remaining users get a "can' open, already open" error.  Less of an issue on connect, as you have control, but sometimes it just loads to do an update, making it locked for actual use until you identify which "user" has it open and kill that instance.
    • don't like the "always open" apps on the iPad (and thus, I suppose, on other i-Devices).  I was shocked to find out that everything I've run since first opening the box was running, which required a specific "shut down" for each app.  (BB10 has a "close app" button that you can choose to execute, or not, when you switch applications - very civilized).
    • Would really love to be able to attach additional memory (e.g. SD card) and to load apps, music etc. directly to the device, avoiding iTunes and the associated headaches
    • I love the iPad for reading comics - I have several apps to do so.  However, in Apple's world, when I install a comic, I have to pick the app, which is fine, however, occassionally a comic is unable to open in app X, can't easily open the same comic in app Y.  Purchase of File Browser has made this a little easier, but a direct drag-and-drop would be infinitely superior, and then open with any of several appropriate apps.
    • Apple has been genius at playing the "user friendly" card, but I really don't see it.  All tablets I've played with are fine, none have the "lockdown" irritations of the iPad/iPhone.  This is part of my Kool-Aid aversion to Apple.
    • All said, if I wasn't given a choice, I would likely have been fine with the iPhone 5.
  • Samsung Galaxy - haven't actually played with this phone, however, it would probably be my choice for a "my own purchase".
    • like the larger screensize - though as the "feel" comes mainly form using it for a while, not sure if the larger size would be a problem in pockets etc.
    • like the openness of Android.  Take all the iPhone issues above, add "not" to the front, and apply to any android device.
    • The tradeoffs for the Samsung and the Blackberry seemed pretty even - no significant advantage either way.
  • Blackberry 10
    • I've used Blackberries at all the places I've worked that provided phones (which would be everywhere since 2001 or so - Intuit, in 1999-2001 I had a cell phone and a palm pilot, at some point we moved to BlackBerries when working for the Government of Alberta)
    • the BB10 reviews indicated favourable comparisons to Samsung and Apple
    • the tie-breaker was the location of RIM in Waterloo, ON - why not support Canadian when the device is as good or better?